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Have the Talk Dad...

Dads I know reading the title of this blog might have sent a rage through your entire system. The last thing you may want to talk about is sex with your baby girl, but that is exactly why you need to.  Remember, women think differently than men, so if you don't teach her what she needs to know someone else will.   

I'm going to get personal for a moment... At age 14 I was set up on a date with the friend of two young male family members who were both sexually abusive towards me .  I had no boundaries and as far as I knew I was a sex object. After the date I complained to my dad that this boy was trying to put his hand down my shirt and up my skirt during the movie.  My dad not knowing that I'd been abused said, "you can't blame him for trying". This taught me that it was my fault because I was so pretty boys could not help themselves.  This terrible lie led me down a path of abusive "it's not his fault" relationships which caused a tremendous amount of pain, as you can imagine.  
There are millions of messages that girls receive everyday about sex, relationships and love.  Most of which are negative and down right disrespectful.  My advice is to be actively involved in fighting those messages with the truth... 
You're daughter will develop a sexual identity... A way of thinking and behaving in relationships.  Here is where you come in. You can help her develop a healthy sexual identity.  Teach her the importance of having the following: 
1.  A high self esteem... She needs to know her worth and value

2.  A high set of standards... She needs to know that settling is not an option if he doesn't treat her right he's got to go.  
3. Knowing how to say no.  You'd be surprised how many girls don't know how or are afraid to say no.
4. Knowing how to wait... Many girls have a real sense of loneliness coupled with fear. This creates a desperation for attention and affection from any man.  

If you'd like more information about this sensative topic or to learn about special programs that can inspire your young lady please email me at

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